About Us

Our Mission

We created Let America Know™ to accomplish two important objectives. First, we set out to mount an effective grassroots campaign that would provide a contrasting voice to the "tort reformers" and others who would take a position against the safety of Americans. Second, we wanted lawyers and trial lawyer associations to not only participate, but to realize immediate benefits as well.

Hence, the Let America Know™ campaign! We deliver important grassroots messages to the American public, while also offering trial lawyers an effective, easy, and affordable vehicle for marketing their practices.

E-mail is Big

And it's only getting bigger. Today, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, e-mail marketing demonstrates exceptional return on investment. One main reason is that e-mail is affordable to send. Another, perhaps larger reason, is that e-mail marketing enables you to market specifically to those people who most want to hear from you. Your e-mail newsletter is at once anticipated, personal and relevant.

You deserve a voice

There are very few marketing opportunities for trial lawyers that don't require an exorbitant amount of money, a huge expenditure of time, or both. With Let America Know™, we've created a way for everyone to benefit: trial lawyers, associations, and most important, the American people.