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Ridiculous Lawsuit Poll Again

Each month the Chamber launch their propaganda attack with what they call the Ridiculous Lawsuit Poll. They try to leave the impression that this is what the legal justice system produces. They come at the public in the form of … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Pack

I’ve heard the Chamber call trial lawyers many things, however, this one was new to me. In a recent email sent out by the ILR, the Financial Accounting Standards Board was criticized for considering having corporations account for litigation expenses. … Continue reading

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Justice Served Awards

We know the difference people can make by moving forward with litigation. Moving forward to hold those at fault accountable and make sure steps are taken to prevent the incident from happening again. Last month we started our first Justice … Continue reading

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BP To Pay Record Fine

Here is another example of The Justice Bashers ignoring issues that make a difference in our lives. Issues that deal with keeping people safe. BP was involved in one of the worst industrial incidents in our country’s history in 2005 … Continue reading

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Trial Lawyer Industry?

The Chamber launched this email attacking trail lawyers. These types of attacks are coming on a weekly basis. This time they accuse “opportunistic trial lawyers” of creating problems with the economic recovery. They claim the “trial lawyer industry” is working … Continue reading

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