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Voices Against Trial Lawyers

We have been trying to reach out and tell you that the Chamber has been initiating a grassroots effort to undermine the civil justice system. Here is an example of an email campaign from the Chamber attempting to get 50,000 … Continue reading

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Chamber Spends 37M Lobby in Third Quarter

A couple of days ago the Chamber was launching propaganda attacks at trial lawyers mocking how they had ties with the Democratic party. They indicated in there posts that the campaign contributions where going to exceed previous numbers. What they … Continue reading

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Surgery Mix-Ups Surprisingly Common

I’m sure this is not news to you but it’s still worth mentioning. A study just published in the Archives of Surgery medical journal reports that unnecessary medical mistakes are still occurring at a surprising rate. “The numbers are pretty … Continue reading

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The Chamber and Tax Issues

As you know, one purpose of this blog is to keep you posted regarding what The Chamber and other justice bashers are up to. We need everyone to understand their tactics if we are going to succeed in establishing the … Continue reading

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Most Ridiculous Lawsuits – Again

Once a month we have to put up with the Chamber and their propaganda machine sending out what they call “Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month Poll.” No attempt is ever made to really talk about the merits of these … Continue reading

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