Creating an Archive Page for Your Newsletter

Here is an example of our archive page. Click image.

Here is an example of our archive page. Click image.

You can display past issues of your Let America Know newsletter on your website, in a blog, in social media, etc., anywhere you can paste a link.

Here’s how it works. At the top of your newsletter is a link that says, “View newsletter online.” This will open a page in your browser with your own unique newsletter link at the top. This link is dynamic and will always display your current newsletter.

For back issues, you’ll need a static link as follows:

This is the static link for our house newsletter from June. To create a static link for your newsletter, note the highlighted numbers: the order ID and the issue ID. Now go back to your dynamic newsletter link by clicking “View newsletter online.” Find the order number for your newsletter (which will never change) and replace the “39” above with that number. Then change the “1406” above to “1405.” Paste the whole URL into your browser and hit return. Voila, you should be looking at your newsletter for May 2014.

You can do the same for any issue published during the past 12 months just by changing the issue ID. So 1404 for April, 1403 for March, etc. And 1312 for December 2013, 1311 for November 2013, etc.

Now you can create an archive and share past issues with your online community. For more help in setting up an archive page, just let us know.

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