Repurposing Your Newsletter

By Steve Miller, Editor

Okay, lets make this simple. Instead of a long dissertation on the mechanics of re-purposing our newsletters, we’re simply going to show and tell. Hey, it worked in grade school!

Mitch Jackson, a highly-successful trial attorney in California, was a leader in the use of social media by attorneys long before we came along. Upon joining Let America Know, he quickly recognized the power of this program, equating the newsletter “to a fine sports car parked in the garage and ready to go if attorneys would only learn how to drive it.”

Earlier this week Mitch sent us an email as follows: “Here’s how we shared and re-purposed You Should Know this morning. This may give your members some idea about how to get the message out. Feel free to share if you think the examples might help.”

Share we will!

Mitch added that he has scheduled several tweets over the next week using the 10 conversations from page two of the newsletter (available in the Marketing Download as well). Each Tweet links back to Mitch’s Blog, which of course gives him lots of online credibility from various search engines.

Blown away? Frankly, so were we. For more nuts and bolts direction from Mitch on how to use some of these platforms with the Let America Know newsletters, visit the show page from our recent joint Spreecast.

Now I know not everyone has the “social savvy” of a Mitch Jackson (although he happily shares his experiences here at Trial Lawyer Communication Tips for EVERYONE!). But the point is Let America Know makes it easy for you to up your game with quality content and credible sources that make you look like the expert while helping people. What could be better than that?

One more very important note: Always wait until final publication of the newsletter before publishing content to other platforms. Why? We often make changes to the newsletter between sending you the Preview issue and publication of the final issue to your subscribers. Some are minor copy edits, but others can be substantive based on feedback we receive from our members and editors.

Next time I’ll share some of the hot tips I received during the recent marketing seminar for trial attorneys in Chicago hosted by the American Association for Justice. It was outstanding!

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