Customize Your Newsletter for Marketing Success

Yes, you can just set your customized information – greeting, featured links and message – and let’em ride each month. But you are missing an opportunity to better engage your subscribers by not changing things up on a regular basis. Here are a few tips on how to get more marketing bang for the buck out of your Let America Know newsletter:

  1. Change The Docket Customized Links
    You can enter up to five customized links on your newsletter, which appear under the heading The Docket (view example here). Your first priority should be generating traffic to your own website, which help improve your search engine rankings. Link to your profile page (or attorney profiles page for a law firm newsletter). Link to practice area or news pages with catchy headlines like “Bike Accident Basics” or “New Office Opened.” If you don’t have much to share on your website, bookmark interesting information on other websites. And if you change a link that hasn’t been changed for some time, put NEW in front of your  headlines to grab moreattention.
  2. Feature Your Blog
    Your Let America Know newsletter provides you with another great opportunity to improve traffic to your blog. Since most blogs (like this one) create a unique URL for each post, you can easily cut and paste a link. Feature at least one or two of your most recent blogs in The Docket, again using short headlines that grab reader attention. We also recommend using your customized message as a teaser to a more lengthy blog, which brings us to tip number 3.
  3. Engage Readers with Your Customized Message
    Your custom message (view sample here) appears just below The Docket and can feature promotional blurbs about you or your firm up to 600 characters in length. You can also link to additional information on your website or elsewhere and prompt readers to continue reading.The best way to start customizing your message is to set aside a little time and plan several issues in advance. Grab a copy of our yearly editorial calendar (now in progress for 2015) and consider tying into the featured topic for the month with related practice information or a case you might have handled. As mentioned above, the customized message is perfect for featuring a long blog that readers can continue viewing on your blog page. Otherwise, feature any major accomplishments including award recognitions, case settlements/verdicts, articles in the news media, etc. And don’t forget that people love to hear about personal accomplishments and activities, so don’t be afraid to share a little information about yourself or your staff when appropriate. We have members that even feature recipes or good jokes on their customized message space.And of course, any time you can encourage feedback, do so. Ask for comments on a particular issue or initiative. If you publish consumer guides on any topic, feature them on a regular basis and tell people how they can order their own copies. Be creative!
  4. Change Your Greeting
    As you know, we also provide you with a suggested greeting each month to ensure that your customized information is topical just in case you don’t have time to make changes. However, if you want to draw attention to a particular nuance in the featured story, don’t hesitate to change the greeting.

These are just a few tips on customizing your newsletter for marketing success. If you have questions or other ideas, let us know!

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