Email as a Core to a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

There are many channels in which attorneys market themselves today: online advertising, print advertising, web sites, seminars, print mailings, TV, social media and email.

We all know that marketing is a game of leading people to what you have to offer. Each marketing strategy gives you a different entry point into your target market. The savvy marketer quickly learns to develop a multi-channel approach to generate the greatest return on investment. Let’s face it, there is no magic bullet. There is no one right answer. The miracle of effective marketing comes from those who learn the value of blending all their efforts toward one strategic goal: Top of Mind Awareness.

If you have not been thinking about how to stay top of mind in your marketing efforts, there’s no better time than right now. You want your market to think of you the minute someone mentions the word attorney. To do this you need to get out there and make your presence known. And that presence should feel consistent across the board. In this industry, you are your own brand.

The Upshot

So remember, don’t judge the effectiveness of an email campaign solely on clicks, opens and conversions. If you do, you may be underestimating the true impact that your email campaign is having on driving productivity. By keeping people connected to your brand identity, it is likely that your email program is influencing behavior that may sometimes be attributed to other marketing channels. They all work together to win the game.

‘Til Next Time

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