Leveraging Your Email Address for Higher Open Rates

This will be the first in a two part blog series answering several major questions we have seen crop up recently about developing your firm’s e-marketing strategy. We are starting with a brief discussion on email addresses, and choosing one that is most likely to get the best metrics.

When engaged in email marketing, take caution using a free originating address like @aol.com, @gmail.com or @yahoo.com. In an effort to stop fraudulent emails coming from these free addresses, many email clients (the service used for receiving emails) made changes to their DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) policies. These policies can push down delivery rates for email newsletters coming from the free @aol, @yahoo, @gmail, etc., and can have an impact on your You Should Know sends.

As an alternative to these domains, we recommend contacting your webmaster and requesting email address domains that match up with your firm’s website domain. For example, instead of using an @aol.com account, you should use an account featuring your firm’s name: @yourfirmname.com. This will solve the DMARC issue. Using this kind of address is also a good idea for other marketing reasons, since it helps brand your web presence.

A second factor to consider that also helps brand your online presence is the name you choose to appear in the “from” line of your emails. Email marketing is based on personal relationship marketing and using your name tends to have a positive affect on open rates. This is especially true if you are adding personal contacts to your distribution list, many who should recognize your name immediately.

FYI, we do recommend that all attorneys at a firm have their own newsletter accounts with their name as the sender rather than a generic from address. No, it’s not because we want to sell more newsletters! Rather, the personal touch that comes with receiving an email directly from someone you know can make a huge difference on open rates. Also note that we can create one global administrative account to manage custom messages and mailing lists for multiple newsletters from the same firm.

Next up, open rates!

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