Generating Higher Open Rates Over Time

Welcome back to the second and final part of our blog series focusing on getting the most out of your email marketing. In this segment we will be focusing primarily on open rates.

Many LAK open rates fluctuate depending on the topic, and the law firm. We see some attorneys getting open rates upwards of 20 percent, while some top out at eight or nine percent. However if we look at and calculate cumulative open rates (unique opens over the entire year, since readership varies greatly on a month to month basis) the number of views is much higher, and your message gets in front of far more people than a low monthly open rate may suggest. Many times we have found that simply having your name appear in a person’s inbox helps build top of mind recognition. One member says he receives positive feedback and direct referrals from some of his clients who do not open and read his newsletter, but simply because the attorney’s name appears in the contact’s email inbox.

We could do a seminar on generating higher open rates, but here are some of the basics our research has shown to be successful.

  • Be realistic: A 15-20% open rate is a great benchmark for You Should Know. A consistent send pattern helps so readers don’t forget who you are between sends, you may find that some readers anticipate their newsletter each month. Good content that engages the reader’s interest and not yours is imperative. That’s why Let America Know currently works with AAJ and seven other state trial lawyer associations to develop a solid content strategy. At Let America Know, we know that our best content focuses on one or more of the following: safety, health and legal rights of the public.
  • Cumulative Open Rates: Remember you won’t always have the exact same readers every month, and that is a really good thing! The more diverse your readership is, the farther your name and message travels. Readership depends greatly on your contact’s schedules, the topic of the email, and many other factors that keep us from our inboxes each month. Accordingly, cumulative open rates for the year are actually much higher than what you experience on a monthly basis in the metrics we provide to our subscribers.
  • Content for Social Media: Don’t forget you use the content we provide all of our members each month via the marketing download. It’s a great way to expand your reach in a way that is consistent with your monthly topic. You already have the newsletter content so why not repurpose it.

Keep in mind that email marketing is just one piece of an overall marketing and public relations strategy. Relationship marketing is not an exact science but it does work and when done correctly helps build the image of who trial lawyers are.

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