Four Reasons Email is Your Most Important Asset

When it comes to building online community email remains the king in the crowd. Yes, other social platforms are important but that personal one to one outreach just can’t be matched outside of email. Email has become one of the most important forms of communication in today’s world. Whether email use is now 2 billion or 3 billion sends each day, the numbers are staggering. Think about it, how often do you use email in a day? The truth is, your email list is your #1 asset for online community building and in this day and age build it or get left behind. Here’s our take on why email remains so important.

  1. When people allow you to email them it’s a huge sign of trust. People get a lot of email and if they’ve opened the door to let you in their inbox that’s a huge gift.
  2. People are constantly checking their emails. For many it’s a constant routine. They make sure they look before discarding to make sure important items aren’t lost. The same can’t be said for social destinations like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Yes, they may look but often things fly by their news feed garnishing little to no attention.
  3. Ignoring your status update is much easier to do then ignoring your inbox.
  4. Email is more personal and allows better interaction without others watching. Someone is infinitely more likely to send a personal response to email then they are to a social media post.

Don’t get me wrong, social networking, blogging and the other online tools serve an important purpose and help build that online community, but nothing replaces the one on one interaction of email. Building and maintaining that email list could very well be one of the most important marketing assets you develop in years to come.

If you have any questions or ideas you’d like us to discuss, please send them to Expect more best practices in email marketing in the weeks to come. We cherish email marketing-messaging and want everyone to understand the power of this extremely important 21st century marketing tool.

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