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Member Startup Guide and Best Practices
Before you get started on your newsletter, download the Member Startup Guide and Best Practices manual. Fully illustrated with actual screen shots, this guide will help you get the most out of your newsletter program. Download now.

You can also access our video tutorials by clicking on a category along the left column of this page. Then browse the frequently asked questions below or check out our blog for more information on marketing your firm and engaging your clients.


Q: How do I set up my You Should Know newsletter account?

To set up your You Should Know account, visit the registration page and follow the easy 4-step registration process outlined in this video.

Q: How do I know what is going out in the newsletter under my name?

Very early on we developed a system so our members could see a preview newsletter before the actual issue is delivered to clients and referral sources. You need to know what is going out under your name, of course. This is how it works:

1) Preview Newsletter - We send our attorney members' an Editor's Alert and a Preview Issue of your newsletter three or four days before the actual issue is published. You will see exactly what editorial we are running during a given month AND your current photo, latest greeting, featured links and custom news article. You can then go in and make changes accordingly.

2) Newsletter Publishing - The actual newsletter will then go out to your full subscriber list the first full week of every month. We can also change the publication date in special circumstances for individual accounts if something comes up. Just let us know.


Q: Can I create my own You Should Know newsletter greeting or can Let America Know provide me with one?

A personalized greeting creates a stronger bond with your subscribers. So we highly encourage you to craft your own personalized greeting for your readers. However, we do provide you with a suggested greeting each month that matches the editorial theme of the newsletter. You will have the opportunity to review this suggested greeting in the Preview newsletter we send you prior to publication. Like it, leave it! Otherwise, you can edit or replace the suggested greeting with your own. For a video walkthrough showing you how to create your own greeting click here.

Q: Why are there character counts for the 'my greeting' and 'news story' sections of the newsletter?

We limit the number of characters in the greeting and news article so that the left column is never longer than the main articles on the right side of the newsletter. The character limits are 250 for the greeting and 600 for the news article, including spaces. There is an automatic counter next to the box that tells you how many characters you have left. You also won't be able to add more characters once you hit zero.

If you are using a program like Microsoft Word to draft your story or greeting, you can check your character counts by selecting your text and using the "Word Count" function under the "Tools" menu. Use the count displayed as "Character Count with Spaces." When you have the text the way you want it, copy and paste it into the box for the greeting or news article in Let America Know. Misspelled words will be underlined in red when entered into your greeting/news article boxes.


Q: Once people are added to my list and manually deactivated by me, can they be reactivated at a later date?

Absolutely. As you will see when you start adding names, you can move any existing subscriber from active to deleted. This feature is particularly important to the attorneys when we are sending an issue (medical malpractice, for example) that might offend a particularly good referral source (the local doctor, for example). For a video tutorial and explanation click here. Also be assured that it will NEVER be a hassle for us to send for you. If you have promotional sends that make sense to you, go for it! The one exception is moving someone to the Unsubscribe status which CANNOT be changed, in accordance with CAN-SPAMM requirements.

Q: How do I look at my subscribers in their categories?  

Note the "Subscriber Overview" box on the subscriber page where you enter names. It lists the number of subscribers in each of the following categories: Active, Preview, Unsubscribed, Bounced Out and Manually Deleted. At any time, you can look at just the subscribers in any of these given categories by clicking on the "Display" pulldown window below the "Subscriber Overview" box and clicking on "Display." For a walkthrough of each of the subscriber statuses watch this short video.


Q: Can I allow others in on my staff to see the Editor's Advisory and my Preview?

Yes! Watch this short video tutorial to learn how.


Q: What can I do to handle bounced addresses?

1. Review Addresses: Often times the problem is a misspelling in the address, or forgetting to put in a period or "@" where they belong. If you find a mistake and correct an address that wasn't spelled correctly, be sure to change the status back to active when you are finished and they will begin receiving newsletters again.

2. Update Addresses: It is very possible that your subscriber changed their email address. Get in contact with them and ask for an updated email address.

3. Delete Addresses: most bounces are hard bounces. So in most cases a bounced address is probably outdated. And in most cases you will want to delete them as opposed to spending the time necessary to contact the subscriber and get a new address. You can change the status of these subscribers to "Manually Deleted," which as mentioned above means you can review these addresses later if you like. Or you can permanently delete them from the system.

If an email bounces but you would still like that person to receive your newsletter contact us and we can send it individually.


Q: What happens when you check "inactive" for links, greetings, or articles?

When you check "inactive" for the sections greetings, links, photo and article, the complete section with headings disappears from the newsletter. However, the newsletter is still sent out (unless otherwise requested) without that section. You also won't lose anything you currently have in these sections (photo, greetings, etc.), even if you make it inactive. You can see how this all works by checking "inactive" on a section, hitting "save," and then previewing the newsletter by clicking Preview Newsletter at the top of the page.


Q: How do I change or update my credit card information?

Simply log in to your account and select Billing Status. Under Current Subscriptions, click on Renew Now. Update your payment information and click on Submit Payment. If you are renewing, you won't be charged until the 10th of the month as is standard for all memberships.



Q: My You Should Know newsletter is going into my SPAM folder. What should I do?

It is likely that your spam filter is set to catch any e-mails coming into the law firm from an outside unknown server (IP address) that lists an e-mail address that is supposed to be from inside the law firm. In essence, the server is saying, "Hey, this sender can't be the real you, so this must be spam." We suggest talking to your IT support staff about adjusting the corporate spam filter to accommodate your newsletter. We would suggest further testing this theory by suggesting that you add the home e-mail addresses for your colleagues and other support staff to your subscriber list, as well as any other friends you might have who would be willing to check deliverability of future newsletters. And when you see a client, ask them, "Are you getting my newsletter?"