Building Your Account

Member Startup Guide and Best Practices

We have provided you with a guide to get your newsletter up and running here. Below are six video walkthroughs showing you how to set up your Let America Know account and newsletter. For the best detail we recommend you watch the videos in full screen. As always, don't hesitate to call or email us with questions regarding your account, email lists or start-up questions.

Activating Your Account

This video will walk you through the four-step process for setting up your Let America Know account. You will set your login and password information and select your state. The video will also walk you through imputing your billing information.

Building My Personal Information

After activating your account you will begin to customize your newsletter. In this video you will enter some of the information included on the left hand side of the You Should Know newsletter. You can also change your password on the "My Personal Information" page.

Building My Contact Information and Greeting

This video breaks down how to enter information on the "My Contact Information & Greeting" tab. This page is especially critical because it sets up the email that your You Should Know newsletter is coming from.

Building My Photo

This video shows you how to add a photo to your newsletter, and will give you guidelines on the best photo types and sizes to use in You Should Know.

Building My Firm News Links

This video lays out the process for adding links to the You Should Know newsletter. These links will typically link back to your website, blog, firm website or other online presence.

Building My Custom Message

In this video you will learn how to add a 600 word custom message to your newsletter. This message will appear on the bottom right of your newsletter. You should tailor this message to your firm, possibly sharing some firm news.