Email List Questions

Member Startup Guide and Best Practices

We have provided you with a guide to get your newsletter up and running here. Below are four video walkthroughs and some common questions we have received regarding email lists. For the best detail we recommend you watch the videos in full screen. As always, don't hesitate to call or email us with questions regarding your account, email lists or start-up questions.

Getting Started Building Email Lists

In this video Co-Founder Art Kosieradzki discusses the best practices for compiling email lists and shares some of the best places he has pulled his lists from in the past including your sent mail boxes and by asking clients who come in for their email information.

How to Upload a List

In this video you will learn how to upload lists of subscribers for the first time. The lists you upload will serve as the pool of email addresses that You Should Know will be sent to. Please do not buy lists of subscribers. The key to Let America Know is relationship marketing, and it will not work as well if you do not have some kind of relationship with the recipient.

Defining Subscriber Status

This video will explain all of the different statuses that your subscribers can have. If you would like someone else in your office to receive the preview issue this video will explain how to change that setting. If one month you would like to block some subscribers from receiving the You Should Know newsletter this video will also show you how to do this.

Managing Subscriber Status

This video will show you how to edit subscribers and subscriber lists. You can change names, email addresses, subscriber status and add or remove subscribers. Before watching this video we recommend you watch the "Defining Subscriber Status" video above.

Once people are added to my list and manually deactivated by me, can they be reactivated at a later date?

Absolutely. As you will see when you start adding names, you can move any existing subscriber from active to deleted. When you want to add them back into a mailing, you simply go back, check them off, and move them back to active.

This feature is particularly important to the attorneys when we are sending an issue (medical malpractice, for example) that might offend a particularly good referral source (the local doctor, for example). In much the same way, you can move people in and out of active status. You will note that this task is made easier by the ability in the list management program to select sublists by active, deleted, unsubscribed or bounced, as well.