Marketing Benefits

Member Startup Guide and Best Practices

We have provided you with a guide to get your newsletter up and running here. Below are four video walkthroughs explaining some of the great features Let America Know has to offer. For the best detail we recommend you watch the videos in full screen. As always, don't hesitate to call or email us with questions regarding your account, email lists or start-up questions.

Why Let America Know is for You

Watch this video to learn why Let America Know is the prefect addition to your current marketing plan. Let America Know uses relationship marketing to keep you and your firm top of mind when things go wrong. Let Co-Founder Art Kosieradzki tell you why Let America Know is right for you!

Pricing and Marketing Benefits

At $49.99 nothing can beat Let America Know in terms of return on marketing investment. When you add up the benefits of Let America Know, there is nothing that can compare. You not only get the monthly newsletter sent out for you, but you can also re-publish the You Should Know content in any way you please to expand your reach.

Marketing Download

 Co-Founder Steve Miller explains one of the huge benefits of a Let America Know subscription, the Marketing Download. In this video Steve shows you all the ways you can use your You Should Know content in your marketing plan

Marketing Download Part 2, Social Media Posting

 We show you how you can use the social media posts included in your monthly Marketing Download to enhance the effectiveness of your social media plan. Learn how use the Download to post to Facebook and Twitter.


Accessing Your Metrics

In this video we will show you how to find the analytics on your newsletter. Each metric is broken down so you know exactly what they mean, and so you can see how well your newsletter is doing. You can even look through your metrics to see exactly who opened your newsletter, so you can be ready to follow up if necessary.