Program Overview

Member Startup Guide and Best Practices

We have provided you with a guide to get your newsletter up and running here. Below are some video walkthroughs of the monthly process including, a newsletter overview, a monthly process overview and a billing and pricing overview. For the best detail we recommend you watch the videos in full screen. As always, don't hesitate to call or email us with questions regarding your account, email lists or start-up questions.

Newsletter Overview

 Co-Founder Art Kosieradzki talks in detail about each of the different pieces of the You Should Know newsletter, including both the customizable portions and the portion that Let America Know writes for you. This video also includes some tips on how to set your newsletter up for success.

Monthly Overview

In this video we show you what to expect every month from Let America Know and how they can help you be successful with your newsletter. Each month you will receive an Editor's Alert, a preview of the newsletter, the actual newsletter and the Marketing Download. We supply you with all of this information so you can make You Should Know work for you.

Billing and Pricing

This video explains the monthly billing process and how and when we charge you for your subscription to You Should Know.