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“Let America Know answers one question I hear from trial lawyers over and over: ‘What can I do personally that will directly counter the propaganda machine big business interests have used to trick Americans into giving up their legal rights.’”

Linda A. Lipsen
Chief Executive Officer,

American Association for Justice

The You Should Know™ e-newsletter is a marketing vehicle and a
grassroots campaign all rolled into one.

You Should Know is your monthly email newsletter and social media to former/current clients, top referral sources, and other important contacts. While delivery of your newsletter is managed by the Let America Know™ software, readers see it as coming directly from you. It is a customizable, personalized vehicle for maintaining top-of-mind awareness as well as spreading the truth about issues affecting the civil justice system in America.


The value of engaging stories and exceptional design in any email campaign cannot be understated. We create You Should Know with great attention to detail. Not least of all to ensure that your message comes across in a clean, professional manner, but also to maximize the campaign's readability and impact.

We call it the two-second rule. Once a reader opens an email, we typically have about two seconds to engage them. If we fail, your message may not be read. That's why we design each issue around compelling, client-focused content – in order to have maximum impact and engage the reader's interest. (Visit our You Should Know library and see for yourself.)

Your Custom Content

You have a great deal of control over the content in your monthly newsletter as follows:

  • You, Your Firm, and Contact Information – Naturally you want your readers to know who the email newsletter is coming from. You can include your photo and your basic contact information. The name of your firm can also be included, along with a link to your firm's web site.
  • Personal Greeting– You can write a general greeting for your readers, or you can update it from time-to-time, even every month if you wish. We also provide members with a suggested greeting each month that matches the editorial theme. The salutation is automatically personalized with the reader's first name.
  • The Docket, News From Your Firm – Many lawyers have important information on their own web sites that they would like to highlight for readers of the You Should Know newsletter. The Docket provides you with a prominent area to feature your links and change them as often as you like.
  • Brief Case – The Brief Case is a place for breaking news about your (or your firm's) positive accomplishments.

Your custom content puts your personal touch on the email newsletter, and creates a more individualized reading experience for your readers. This method of reaching out and touching your contacts and clients every month is of immeasurable value in terms of the top-of-mind awareness you create. This is where the marketing capabilities of You Should Know truly shine and separate us from similar products or services.

Feature Articles

The main body of the email addresses the underlying message of letting America know the truth about the civil justice system, about trial lawyers and what they really stand for. We work closely with the American Association for Justice, state trial lawyers associations and our own on-staff trial attorneys to develop relevant, engaging and informative articles. The information is professionally written to capture the interest of the reader and educate them about the true facts behind many issues. The articles are designed to provide a contrasting voice to smear campaigns from the so-called "tort reformers."

Because of the electronic nature of email, we are able to carefully analyze exactly what articles are most popular by tracking what readers look at within the email. This information is then utilized in determining how best to plan articles for future issues.

Monthly Surveys and Promotions

Each month, Let America Know sponsors various surveys and other promotions. This is another method we use to keep readers engaged while building loyalty over time.

Automated Delivery, Bounce Management,
and Unsubscribes

Sending out emails en masse is not as simple as loading up the BCC field in your e-mail program. In order to maximize delivery, Let America Know utilizes sophisticated, porprietary software. This method results in improved delivery rates, and helps ensure that your message does not get quarantined or relegated to your readers' spam folders.

Anytime an email bounces, it is tracked by our system. If an email bounces several times, it is considered to be an invalid email address and the system will no longer attempt to send to it.

The Federal CAN-SPAM Act states that recipients of any type of commercial email must have an easy and readily available method for un-subscribing from the campaign. The You Should Know e-newsletter is 100 percent compliant with this act, and all unsubscribe requests are honored automatically and immediately.

Adding new names to your personal and confidential database is as easy as typing in the address or uploading a list. You will have your own personal control panel that securely stores all your information. All your information, especially your list, is kept secure and strictly confidential. It will never be used for any purpose other than to send out your monthly email newsletter. Please see our Confidentiality Agreement and our Privacy Policy for more details.

Unlimited Subscriber List

There is no limit to the number of subscribers you can include on your You Should Know e-mailing list. When you add your first subscriber, we provide you with the "dos" and "don'ts" of creating a permission-based e-mail list (review guide) . From time to time, we will also send you best practice tips on list building techniques. Plus, you will be provided with an opt-in form that your web developer or web designer can easily add to your (or your firm's) web site. This makes it easy for any visitor to your site to subscribe to your newsletter.

Action Alerts

In very special circumstances, perhaps once or twice per year, your state trial lawyer association may come face-to-face with an issue that requires immediate public awareness. Such an issue may be a bill that is about to hit the Senate floor, or a local legislative issue affecting the rights of the public. When such circumstances arise, it is important to get the word out fast. This is where the You Should Know Action Alert comes in.

The Action Alert message will still carry your custom content and appear to come directly from you. There is no additional charge for the Action Alert message.