Our first priority is to create a grassroots campaign that enables our voice to be heard across America. The support of trial attorneys and their leaders is what makes this happen.

Featured Member: Mitch Jackson Bill Schmitz
“Let America Know is the Ferrari in the garage. You just need to learn how to drive it.”

Mitch Jackson has been a trial lawyer for 28 years in California. He also is a pioneer in the use of social media by professionals.

I noticed that my March 6th blog post featuring this month's You Should Know newsletter had the greatest single day traffic over the past 10 days. So, not needing to be hit on the head twice about how popular the newsletter is becoming, I took some time today and repurposed prior editions to an easy-to-view carousel. I'm expecting good traction because this content continues to be relevant even after a year.

Hear From Our Supporters:
Member Attorneys


“This is a great opportunity for our members and our profession because Let America Know reaches people on the issues they care about, that affect their lives, their families, and their friends. It’s also smart from a business standpoint for lawyers to stay in touch with their clients and past clients. The concept is simple, but the potential is quite significant."

Gary M. Paul, Past President

American Association for Justice

“Recently AAJ announced a partnership with Let America Know, a program trial lawyers are using around the country to counter the Chamber propaganda machine and market their practice. I am one of those lawyers and tell you from personal experience that it works. I urge you to take a closer look and then join us."

Mary Alice McLarty, Past President

American Association for Justice

“I know Let America Know works because I’ve been using it at my firm for nearly two years. My clients tell me how much they like the newsletter, and about how often they put the information and resources to work in their own lives."

Jeffrey A. Pitman, Past President

Wisconsin Association for Justice

“We must defend our civil justice system by educating and energizing our most powerful constituency: clients, past clients, fellow professionals, referral sources, friends and family. It may be a long journey, but Let America Know is a powerful first step we all can take together."

Alan O. Olson, Past President

Iowa Association for Justice

“Let America Know gives you an easy way to spread the truth about the civil justice system to potential voters and jurors. Let’s work together to counter the deception of the ‘tort reform’ crowd."

Nancy Drabble, Chief Executive Officer

Consumer Attorneys of California



Member Attorneys

"Often, it is hard to track where new cases come from other than the generic “I found you on the internet” or “I found you in the yellow pages" even though we haven’t been in the Yellow Pages since 2004. I believe in Let America Know because I know clients, former clients, other lawyers, and friends of our firm read it and often contact me with additional questions about the content. Let America Know is a great piece of our relationship marketing strategy and philosophy. Today we got a referral on a dog bite case. This referral directly stems the dog bite newsletter that went out yesterday. Better yet, this was a new referral source that called us because he had just read the dog bite information and felt like we would be a perfect fit. If we keep this referral source happy, the long term benefit of just this one call will exponentially outweigh the nominal cost of Let America Know. I know there are others, but this is a perfect example of why the program is such a no-brainer."

Jeremiah Hodges, Trial Attorney

Huntsville, AL

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks on your last newsletter. It has been well received by my subscribers. Even though I don't have a huge list (60 names or so), I've gotten three positive responses. Those included a question from a former client on a possible medical malpractice issue, and a referral to a solid auto case ... Nice that a little guy has access to such a great tool.”

Bill Schmitz, Trial Attorney

Minneapolis, MN

"Nothing will change if we remain silent. If we’re not talking to our clients and contacts, then the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is. You decide which voice you want them to hear."

Curtis Dickinson, Trial Attorney

Dickinson & Associates, Woodstock, GA

"The challenge for us as lawyers is telling our story in a way that will actually engage people. I think Let America Know has figured out how to do just that every month in a cost efficient, effective way."

Corey Walker, Trial Attorney

Walker, Billingsley & Bair, Des Moines, IA

"The time has come for us to unify as trial lawyers and educate the public regarding the real facts. Let America Know is a perfect way to help accomplish this goal."

Jim Carey, Managing Partner

Sieben, Grose, Von Holtum & Carey, Ltd., Minneapolis, MN



"I want you to know I read every single issue of You Should Know and find the publication to be well-written and easy to read and understand. You're doing a great job and a real public service. I particularly enjoy the articles about every-day activities that folks don't generally realize may be dangerous. As usual, you're teaching anyone willing to listen! Thanks for keeping me in the loop!"

New Jersey Reader

"My companies have served the medical profession for 27 years. I have seen many good people and I have seen many incompetent people. Doctors with a God complex are only kept in check by the legal profession. I do not support tort reform. Tort reform would be a license to harm those whom the profession is supposed to heal. Very cool website. Thank you!"

Alabama Reader, Corporate Conduct,

"I liked the recent issue and statistics on motorcycles. I believe that we will continue to see an increase in motorcycles on the road as long as gas prices continue to grow (which they will)."

New York Reader, Motorcycle Safety

"I received your recent newsletter on brain injuries in youth sports and immediately forwarded it to all the coaches in our youth hockey association. I encouraged them to share the information with their players and their parents. Education like this will help make a difference in addressing this serious problem in youth sports."

Wisconsin Reader, Concussions in Youth Sports

"These are all such important cases and have lasting impact on the justice system. However, the Oliver Diaz case stands out to me because of the blatant and direct attempts to tamper with judicial elections. I think the tactics used there are the scariest of all, proving nothing is sacred to the Karl Rove types."

Michigan Reader, Justice Served Awards