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Protect Your Cyber Privacy
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Our Big-Sister Guide to Online Security
Watch for Those Watching You,
Your Friends and Your Family

The Internet touches every corner of our lives, from where we get news and how we keep in touch with our friends to how we do our jobs. It opens up a world of possibilities that were simply unimaginable even 10 years ago. But as consumer advocates point out, many of us are dropping our guard and unintentionally sharing personal information with others. The consequences can be costly, embarrassing, annoying and, in some cases, even dangerous. You should know how to keep tabs on those some call “the watchers,” and protect your online privacy. Uncover more.

Do you know who is watching you online? More people than you think!
By the Numbers
64 Tracking Devices

The nation’s top 50 websites installed an average of 64 pieces of tracking technology onto the computer of every visitor.

Source: The Web’s New Gold Mine: Your Secrets, The Wall Street Journal

21% Fired, 16% Rejected

In a survey of 5,000 people by Microsoft, 21 percent of the respondents reported that they were fired and 16 percent said they were turned down for a job because of their online activities.

Source: Microsoft Provides Tips to Help Protect Your Online Image, Microsoft News

1/4 of Admissions Officers

Nearly one-fourth (24 percent) of the admissions officers at the nation’s top colleges go on Facebook or other social media sites to screen student applicants.

Sources: Facebook Checking in College Admissions, Kaplan Test Prep

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Clearinghouse Empowers Consumers, Protects Privacy
The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a nonprofit dedicated to consumer information and advocacy. For a comprehensive overview of online privacy, review the PRC fact sheet here.

Online Security and Safety at USA.gov
Numerous federal agencies are directly involved in protecting Americans and their computers from information theft, misuse and destruction. Get started at Answers.USA.gov.

Wall Street Journal Tracks “What They Know”
One of the fastest-growing businesses on the Internet is spying on Americans of all ages, as chronicled at What They Know by The Wall Street Journal. Check out which of America's most popular websites employ the most tracking spyware.

How Cyber Savvy Are You?
Test your online smarts with quizzes on everything from spam and spyware to phishing and file sharing.
Topical Conversations
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