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June 2014
Let America Know
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Americans are finding out the hard way that many businesses and employers are increasingly using forced arbitration to dodge responsibility for their harmful behavior. If you read any issue of You Should Know this year, I urge you to read this one!

Let America Know Crosses Major Milestone
Let America Know hit a major milestone in April, topping 50,000 monthly readers throughout the country including Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, New Hampshire, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Mississippi. We are also close to an agreement with two of the largest trial lawyers associations in the nation! What was just a "what if" five years ago has now become what I believe is a positive force for protecting the health, safety and legal rights of Americans. Thanks for all your support and encouragement over the years. There is no turning back now!

Beware of Hidden Clauses in Employment, Product and Service Contracts

Forced Arbitration Strips You of Your Constitutional Rights

Forced Injustice
Before you sign ... 
Americans are unwittingly signing away their rights to hold wrongdoers accountable in a court of law. Read more.

Imagine for a moment buying a car, taking a job or signing up for a credit card, and simultaneously handing over your constitutional right to a trial by jury? It’s called “forced,” “binding” or “mandatory arbitration,” and it happens to millions of Americans every day.

What it means, for example, is that a worker discriminated against on the job can't sue her employer, the family of a seriously abused and neglected nursing home resident can't seek justice in court, or an investor defrauded by a corrupt broker can't demand a public hearing.

Consumer advocates and trial lawyers are fighting back, but we thought You Should Know how to spot this unjust practice.

Investigate further ...

When presented with all the facts, 81 percent of Americans surveyed in 2008 overwhelmingly disapproved of forced arbitration.

Source: Legal Arbitration and the Arbitration Fairness Act, American Association for Justice (download)

An estimated 15 to 25 percent of American employers have adopted forced arbitration policies, which means more than 30 million employees (one out of every four non-union workers) have given up their right to go to court.

Source: Employment Arbitration, Fair Arbitration NOW
Seventy-five percent of companies in eight industries – credit card, banking, cell phones, computer manufacturers, cable/Internet providers, auto dealers, brokerages and home builders – routinely invoke mandatory arbitration.

Source: Forced Arbitration: Unfair and Everywhere, Public Citizen



Federal Watchdog Agency Announces Inquiry

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the watchdog agency created by Congress after the Wall Street meltdown, published preliminary findings on a public inquiry into arbitration and arbitration clauses.

50-State Campaign Launched Against Unfair Arbitration

The National Association of Consumer Advocates, a nonprofit association of attorneys and consumer advocates, is launching a 50-state campaign to teach consumers how to identify and avoid forced arbitration clauses.

Join the Movement to End Forced Arbitration

Fair Arbitration NOW represents millions of people dedicated to ending the clandestine spread of mandatory arbitration, advocating instead for voluntarily arbitration only after a dispute arises. Join here.

Know Your Stuff Resource Center

Watch videos, download fact sheets and share your thoughts on forced arbitration. You could win an iPod Shuffle!

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AAJ Calls Out Businesses

Corporations are using forced arbitration to hide wrongdoing, says Gary M. Paul, president of the American Association for Justice.

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