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Art Kosieradzki


October 2018

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SiebenCarey Partners with MN Adult and Teen Challenge

We’re kicking off an exciting new initiative in March with MN Adult and Teen Challenge (MnTC), a statewide organization that provides a variety of treatment programs to those struggling with chemical addiction as well as prevention education. We’re helping MnTC promote Know The Truth, an evidence based model used to encourage young people to refrain from using drugs and alcohol. Know The Truth is presented at over 160 middle and high schools and reaches 58,000 students per year. To learn more about Know The Truth, click the link.

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The Opioid Crisis:
America Fights Back!

Pills Money

The use and abuse of prescription painkillers has reached record levels in the United States. Another record? Pharmaceutical company profits. As the death toll from opioid overdose rises, so do Big Pharma earnings. Americans are turning to the courts to hold companies accountable and joining forces to confront an industry that continues to put profits ahead of people. These actions could jump-start a nationwide change in how we prescribe and regulate opioid painkillers.



Opioid overdoses killed over 42,000 Americans in 2016, more than any year on record, according to the CDC.


Susan’s Brain on Opioids

This animated video explains the science behind opioid addiction and why it can be so difficult to stop taking painkillers.



Dr. David Johnston, a board-certified emergency room doctor, speaks out about America’s love affair with  prescription drugs.

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