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November 2019

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Holiday Stress Can Trigger Dangerous Behavior

The holiday season should be one of good cheer and celebration, but for too many people it can be stressful. One in three adults in the survey linked below say the holiday season – compared to other times of the year – triggers feelings of anxiety, depression or isolation. And that mental stress can drive people to drink more than normal at family or office parties.

Hopefully, you’ll find the tips in this newsletter helpful in planning your upcoming celebrations because our greatest wish for you and yours is a happy and safe holiday season!

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Protect Yourself and Your Party Guests this Holiday Season

Cheering Wine

Celebrating the spirit of the holidays is more than simply planning the perfect menu and stunning home decor. Thanksgiving to New Year’s can pose a heightened risk for drunk driving crashes following family get-togethers and holiday parties. You may also be held personally responsible if you hosted the festivities and a guest is involved. This month’s You Should Know offers commonsense tips for avoiding these preventable seasonal mishaps. 



Nationally, the average number of alcohol-related injuries is 25,000 from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.


Festive Mocktails for Your Next Party

Delight friends and family with these delicious, holiday-appropriate non-alcoholic cocktails.



Hosting a holiday party this year? MADD® will help you get your guests home safe with this party guide:

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