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December 2015
Steven M. Goldberg
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Courageous Americans dedicated to making this a safer, more just nation are a gift to us all. We hope you enjoy this review of the top stories covered here in 2015. May you and all those close to you enjoy a joyous and SAFE holiday season!

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us to all of you!
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Presenting America’s 2015 Top Safety and Justice Stories

Add one very special gift to your holiday list this year courtesy of the American civil justice system: safer products and services. Whether we’re talking the toys we buy for our children, the drywall we install in our homes, the new cars we park in our garages, the guardrails that keep them on the road, or even the nursing home care we arrange for our elderly parents, several unsafe or unfair practices were uncovered in 2015 thanks to the courage of ordinary citizens and – when necessary – a court of law. Before you hit the mall, you might want to check out our list before shopping for yours!

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An increasing number of Americans are unknowingly giving away their Seventh Amendment right to a day in court by signing forced arbitration clauses, according to this New York Times investigation.


Trinity Industries failed to tell the federal government about changes to its guardrail system that saved the company about $2 per system. In June, a federal judge ordered Trinity to pay $663 million in penalties after reports surfaced that the altered guardrails were slicing through cars.


Approximately 48 million Americans are sickened by foodborne illnesses every year; 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die, costing the nation approximately $77 billion. Lax production practices and oversight are often to blame, according to this report [download].


Safe PartiesTips for Buying Safe Toys

Before hitting the mall to buy a holiday present for the children in your life, run through these tips for purchasing and playing with safe toys. View video.

Kid-Safe HomesFood Safety 101

Chef Jim Ringler from the National Academy of Science explains best practices for food safety both in and out of the home. View video.

Office PartiesBeware the Fine Print

Tinker Martin-Bowen didn’t know the contract she signed with an arbitration clause would take away her right to a jury trial until it was too late. View video.

What Concerns You the Most?

Browse the 2015 top safety and justice issues, and then tell us which one keeps you up at night. You could win an iPod shuffle for participating.

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Public Enemy Number One: Forced Arbitration

Forced arbitration is a growing threat to the safety and legal rights of all Americans, says Julia Duncan, director of federal programs for the American Association for Justice.

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