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Goldberg Legal Co., LPA

Steven M. Goldberg


December 2018

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'Tis the Season to Say Thank You

The Holidays are the perfect time to slow down and say “Thank You” to all those who touch our lives. All of us here would like to do just that right now by thanking you for your support, your friendship and most importantly, your trust. While injury might have brought us together, truly our greatest joy is knowing we have made a difference in helping our clients recover and get on with their lives. As we look ahead to the New Year, we wish you and your family the very best health, safety and happiness. Knowing that wish comes true for you would be the greatest “Thank You” of all for us!

Be of Good Cheer, But Just in Case You Need Inspiration ...

The holiday break is finally here! Time to settle in with your friends and family for a festive good time. Here is a little holiday-fun inspiration just in case the party needs a little boost:

  • Jingle Bell Rock Stars – Don your sequined sweater (or maybe just throw some tinsel in your hair) and put on a show with these holiday karaoke songs from Spotify.
  • Start a War – Learn how to build the strongest snow fort in the neighborhood and start a snowball fight with the next door neighbors. Or, if it’s sunny and green where you live, try an inflatable option!
  • Plan a Festive Trip – Open those maps and choose a different country than your own. Research their holiday traditions and incorporate one into your celebrations. Bonus points for costumes!
  • Give Back – After the presents are unwrapped and the sugar high has ended, round up the family and go through the house collecting gently used items to donate. Warm clothes, toys, household items – pile it up! Once you’ve got a sleigh-full, bring it all to your local thrift store or shelter.

However you enjoy the holidays, we wish you and yours the very best. And we look forward to seeing you again soon in the New Year.



Conjure up a little holiday joy with these Christmas movies now showing on your favorite streaming service.

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