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Steven M. Goldberg


March 2020

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Denying Legal Rights to Soldiers a 10 on "Outrage Meter"

When California Congresswoman Jackie Speier heard the story told in this month's newsletter about military medical malpractice, she said it set off her "outrage meter." It's about a 70-year-old court ruling that has caused suffering for thousands of injured service members and their families. Speier introduced a bill with support from both Democrats and Republicans that will help servicemen and women recover some damages from botched medical care. But it won't change the fact that soldiers are still denied the right to hold accountable those responsible for their injuries in a court of law.

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Hero Soldier Wins Fight Against Military Medical Negligence

Military Medical

Green Beret Richard Stayskal is an American hero – multiple deployments, critically wounded in Iraq, recipient of the Purple Heart and numerous other awards. Back stateside, army doctors twice misdiagnosed a deadly cancerous tumor growing in his lungs. After being told he couldn’t sue the government for gross negligence, a terminally ill Stayskal refused to quit and successfully led the charge for justice on behalf of fellow soldiers who have been devastated by military medical malpractice.


70 Years

Since 1950, the Feres Doctrine has denied active-duty military a right extended to nearly every other American – to sue for injuries.


Terminally Ill Soldier Asks Congress for Justice

Army sergeant tells America his harrowing story of bravery on and off the battlefield.



Unscrupulous businesses often prey on active-duty service members who are defending our country abroad, according to this special report.

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