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August 2013
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Here are four inspirational stories of regular people who dedicated themselves to protecting the health, safety or legal rights of all Americans. They are winners of our 2013 Justice Served Awards. Read more and please take the reader survey.

Social Security Disability Income & Supplemental Security Income
According to the State of California Employment Development Department, an estimated 5.9 million Californians have a disability. Those who are disabled and cannot work may be able to get benefits from the social security administration (SSA). There are two different programs available for those with long-term disabilities. Although the basic requirements for SSI and SSDI are different, each program has the same definition of disabled and has strict limits on when a person is considered disabled enough to receive benefits. Those who suffer from physical disabilities may be eligible for benefits Continue reading.

2013 Justice Served Award Reader Survey

Tragedies Inspire Citizen
Crusades to Let America Know

Joel Feldman’s daughter Casey was killed by a distracted driver while in a crosswalk.

Wendy Crossland’s 14-year-old daughter Anais died of cardiac arrest after drinking a popular energy drink. Aaron Holm lost both of his legs while trying to help a friend fix a flat tire on a busy highway. Michelle Garcia and Angie Firmalino suffer debilitating side effects from an FDA-approved birth control device. Joel Feldman and Dianne Anderson’s 21-year-old daughter Casey was struck and killed in a crosswalk by a distracted driver. 

Four stories, four terrible tragedies. But each demonstrates how injured people and their families turned grief and hardship into action. Presenting our winners of the 2013 Justice Served Award.

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Energy drinks were cited as the primary cause for 20,783 emergency room visits in 2011, double the total reported in 2007.

Source: More Emergency Room Visits Linked to Energy Drinks, The New York Times

of Crashes

It is estimated that people talking on cell phones while driving are involved in 21 percent of all traffic crashes in the United States.

Source: The Great Multitasking Lie,
National Safety Council
at Fault
A 2008 Supreme Court ruling held that the makers of FDA-approved medical devices can’t be held responsible for injuries, even if their product is defective and later recalled.

Source: Unequal Harm,
American Association for Justice

“Wiggle Your Toes” Foundation Helps Amputees

After losing both legs in an auto accident, Aaron Holm decided to share his successful recovery plan with other amputees through his Wiggle Your Toes foundation. The group provides consultation, planning and referrals.

Women Spread Word About Problems with Essure

Women who suffer serious complications from an implantable birth-control device called Essure want others to think twice before undergoing the procedure. So they launched a Facebook page, YouTube channel, website and enlisted Erin Brockovich to tell their stories.

National Movement Targets Distracted Driving

EndDD was started in memory of Casey Feldman, a 21-year-old college student killed by a distracted driver. Casey’s story inspired hundreds of trial lawyers to fan out and speak to more than 75,000 teens (and counting) about how they can help end distracted driving.

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EndDD Helps Kids Teach Parents About Distracted Driving

Joel Feldman is leading a groundbreaking campaign to stop distracted driving called EndDD.

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