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October 2019

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Kids Should Learn Gun Safety, Even in Gun-Free Homes

It is estimated that one-third of all Americans own a gun. So, even if you don’t own firearms, chances are that a neighbor, friend or family member does. And given that most unintended gun accidents happen at home and often involve children, safety experts say it is important to teach children about gun safety at an early age. Children should learn never to touch a gun, even if they think it might be a toy. Remind them that using a real gun isn't like on TV or video games where no one gets hurt. For more great tips on how to talk to kids about gun safety, click on the link below.

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Gun Safety on the Hunt, at Home and Throughout the Year

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Fall, for many Americans, is synonymous with the start of hunting season. Millions of hunters join family and friends for a cherished tradition that may go back generations. So now is a great time to talk about personal gun safety for hunters, land and homeowners, gun enthusiasts and anyone else who might handle a firearm. Because, as you will learn in this month’s newsletter, accidental gun deaths are all too common both in the field and at home.


12 to 15%

Hunting accidents account for about 12% to 15% of all national firearm fatalities. Most are preventable.


Tips for Talking with Kids About Gun Safety

Whether you're a gun owner or not, talking with kids about guns can prevent tragedy.



There are many online hunter education and safety courses available across the nation. Check out the International Hunter Education Association for more info:

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