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May 2020

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Delays Can Compromise New Legal Action

The pandemic is putting stress on many of our institutions, including America’s legal system. First, know that we work hard every day to ensure that the legal rights of our clients are not compromised. But we are concerned that people who may have been injured before or since the shutdown have decided to delay contacting an attorney. Doing so could make it difficult to investigate a case, secure evidence and file all necessary paperwork. With our various cutting edge technologies including video, there is no need to wait OR compromise personal safety. Be well.
Trecker Fritz & Williams

Less Traffic Doesn’t Mean
It’s Safer for Walkers or Bikers

Bikers Walkers

With so many Americans forced to spend more time at home, long walks and leisurely bike rides are among the few ways we can combat cabin fever. That means bike lanes and walking paths are busy right now, while car traffic in many areas has dropped dramatically. But that DOESN’T mean pedestrians, bikers or even motorists can let down their guard as some drivers see less traffic as an excuse for reckless behavior.


100 MPH

Law enforcement officials are reporting a spike in speeding throughout the U.S., often exceeding 100 mph.


Bike ABC Quick Check

If your local bike shop is still closed and your wheels need a little love, here’s a DIY guide to keeping your bike safe and tuned up at home.



Many cities are doing it: Closing streets to more safely accommodate increased bike and pedestrian traffic.

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