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September 2019

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Safety Tips for Kids on the Internet

This month we cover alarming examples of smart toys that compromise the privacy of our children, reminding us once again how important it is to monitor kids on the internet. Share these safety tips:

-Never post or trade personal pictures
-Never reveal personal information about yourself or anyone else
-Use a screen name and don’t share passwords
-Never agree to meet in person with anyone online without parent approval
-Never respond to a threatening message
-Always tell a trusted adult about any communication that was scary or hurtful

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Smart Toys Can Put Your Child’s Privacy, Safety at Risk

Motorcycle Freedom
Kids today have the kind of toys their parents could only dream of. Everything from tablets to teddy bears could have motion sensors, speakers and microphones to make a toy that interacts almost as well as a real friend or parent. These “smart” toys learn children’s interests over time, so their play can become personalized. And while this may improve communication skills and has been found to increase concentration for children with intellectual disabilities, there are some real privacy concerns. Access to the internet with the possibility that personal information will be shared creates a new digital frontier that caregivers need to understand before purchasing the latest gadget for kids.


$18 Billion

Smart toy revenues are projected to grow to $18 billion by 2023, up 200% from 2018.


Consumer Reports on Dangers of Smart Toys

What every parent needs to know about the safety risks of connected smart toys.



Shop for safe smart toys (and other smart devices) using this consumer shopping aid from Mozilla.

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