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June 2018

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What's Your Pet Worth?

When a dear pet dies, we are often told: “Get a hold of yourself; it’s only a dog. It’s only a cat. Get another one.” But for anyone who has experienced the constant loyalty and love of an animal companion, it’s never “only just a pet."

Yet, when the family pet is injured or killed through another person’s negligence, the courts limit damages to only the “market value” of the pet and stop short of considering sentimental value. As you will read in this month’s “You Should Know” newsletter, that precedent is being challenged by animal lovers throughout the country.

What Are Your Rights If Your Pet Is Negligently Injured?

Injured Paw

To pet lovers, a pet is more than property. They are companions, therapists, play pals or warm pillows. Pets are part of the family! If your pet is negligently injured or killed by a person or another pet, you should know your options for legal action.


Over 30%

There’s at least one dog living in 36.5 percent of U.S. households; 30.4 percent are home to a cat.


Safely Transfer an Injured Pet

An injured pet can lash out – even at its owners. Learn how to safely transfer an injured pet to the veterinarian.



Your pet has been injured and received medical attention. Now what? Here are some tips to help your furry friend recover.

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