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August 2018

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ACTION ALERT: Support Insurance Fair Conduct Bill

Occasionally we use this newsletter to alert you to important legislative issues before the New Jersey Legislature. Rare, as we are careful not to stray too far from our mission to write about issues that affect the health, safety and legal rights of our readers. But in this case, we are joining our friends at the New Jersey Association for Justice and other consumer advocacy groups in support of A-4293 – the New Jersey Insurance Fair Conduct Act. Read how this law will hold insurance companies accountable for unnecessarily denying or delaying the benefits you paid for when you need them most.

Proposed Law Targets Unfair Insurance Delays, Denials

Claim Rejected

You followed the rules. You bought the automobile or homeowners insurance that the State of New Jersey or the bank required you to purchase. You paid your premiums every year, in full and on time.

Then you had an automobile accident or a storm blew a tree onto your house. Now, when you need coverage the most, the insurance company delays paying your benefits or denies your claim for no good reason.

How is this fair? What can you do? The answer to the first question is no it is not fair. In New Jersey, the answer to the second question is very little ... until now.



Enter your zip code here to find your representatives and ask them to support the New Jersey Insurance Fair Conduct Act.

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