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August 2019

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Telling the Stories of Injured People

One of the greatest opportunities we have as trial lawyers is to tell the stories of injured people. Their courage helps:

- uncover negligence by organizations that put their interests ahead of the public interest;

- prompt government action and change laws;

- motivate manufacturing and quality assurance practices that lead to safer products and services; and,

- prevent more injuries by increasing public awareness while protecting the rights of every American to a day in court.

As the stories featured here in this newsletter attest, we believe justice will always win out in the end.
Justice Served '19

Four Stories of American
Civil Justice in Action

Each year we scour the headlines for remarkable stories of citizens, advocates or organizations that take on injustice for the greater well-being of ALL Americans. They remind us once again that our civil justice system is the great equalizer, designed by the founders to give power back to “regular” people when the deck is stacked against them. Thus, we salute our nominees for the 2019 Justice Served Awards and all Americans, including many of you reading this newsletter, who courageously stand up and hold wrongdoers accountable in a court of law.


13 Times

Despite receiving 13 reports of sexual misconduct by its gymnastics team doctor starting in 1997, officials at Michigan State University claimed no knowledge of the misconduct until 2016.


Theranos Puts Patients at Serious Risk

Theranos promised that its revolutionary blood-testing device would perform multiple blood tests with a single finger prick. Turns out it was all a fraud.



A Reuters investigation revealed that Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that asbestos lurked in its baby powder.

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