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April 2020

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Good Time to Review Your Household Safety Checklist

Americans and their children are staying at home as much as possible to fight this unprecedented public health crisis. All too often, we have witnessed the aftermath of a child seriously injured at home. Knowing that kids and their parents are spending more time at home, we decided it was a good time to review the most common causes of childhood household injury. Also featured is a household safety checklist. Click on the “Read More” to the right and help prevent injuries to the children in your life. Our sincere wish, now as always, is that you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe.

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Safety Checklist Protects Kids at Home, Now and in the Future

Stay Home

Many families are now working, playing, learning, cooking and living almost every moment of the day at home. We want your household to be as safe and healthy as possible. Unfortunately, unforeseen home dangers are always a risk, pandemic or not. Take this extra time at home to remind yourself and your family of the best ways to stay injury-free right now and in the brighter future ahead. 



An average of 2,200 children age four and under die each year from injuries sustained at home, according to the National Safety Council.


Safety in the Kitchen

Kids are helping in the kitchen more than ever these days. Keep those new sous-chefs safe with these tips on cooking safely with kids.



Use this resource from Safe Kids Worldwide to identify and eliminate risk areas in your home and help prevent serious injuries.

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