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August 2020

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U.S. Still Flooded with Opioid Prescriptions

You would think, with all the concern around the opioid epidemic in recent years, doctors, dentists and other health care professionals would be prescribing less of these highly addictive drugs. And, while in many states and individual practices, that's exactly what's happened, new reports indicate that opioids are still often prescribed at rates considered unsafe. As one researcher noted, we're 5% of the population, but we consume 80% of the world's prescription opioids. The reasons for this lapse are complex, but it's a problem we must solve as stress from the pandemic pushes up drug abuse.

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As Opioid Epidemic Rages On, Children Are Hidden Casualties

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Before COVID-19, Americans were fighting another public health crisis: opioid abuse and addiction. Often pushed off the front pages by the pandemic, the opioid crisis didn’t go away. Millions of Americans continue to struggle with the ripple effects on their families, friends and communities. But the profound challenges facing one very important group are often hidden from view: the children caught in the middle. With signs that the stress associated with the COVID pandemic may be fueling a new surge in drug use, it’s time for a closer look at this growing national problem.



Nearly half of all U.S. mothers were prescribed opioid painkillers over the past decade following their birth experiences.


Addicted Parents, Absent Caregivers, Lost Kids

Thousands of children are in foster care or living with other family members after parents lose their battles with opioids.



This guide can help you protect teens from opioid abuse now and as they transition into adulthood.

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