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Friedlander & Mosher P.C.

103 W. Seneca Street, Suite 301

Ithaca, New York

May 2019

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Firm Name Change

We are pleased to announce the firm name has changed to Friedlander & Mosher PC to recognize Holly Mosher substantial contributions to the firm. “The name change recognizes Holly’s significant contributions & outstanding results she has achieved for our clients,” said Bill Friedlander, Firm President. “Holly is a talented trial lawyer whose experience brings a unique perspective to helping people recover money damages from wrongdoers.”

We are excited to share this news and reaffirm our commitment to represent people who are injured for many more years. Please join us in congratulating Holly!

A Special Report: Fighting for Those Who Fight for Us

Lettuce Tomatoes

Brave servicemen and women, many of whom are young and financially inexperienced, make enormous sacrifices to represent and defend our country abroad. So, you’d think our soldiers would be protected at home, right? But now a troubling new report uncovers how some big corporations, shady lenders and sometimes even our own government not only fail to protect our military members, but actively exploit them for profit.



Over 175,000 service members have reported health concerns due to open burn pits used in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries.


Burn Pits Cause Health Problems for Vets

Open-air pits used to burn tons of waste every day in Iraq and Afghanistan are causing lung disease, lesions and more in veterans. 



Members of the military have double the risk for identity theft compared to civilians. Here’s what soldiers and their families can do to protect themselves:

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