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March 2018

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Holding Opiate Makers Accountable

It doesn’t matter whether you're rich or poor. White- or blue-collar. College educated or never finished high school. Opioid abuse, injuries and deaths are plaguing millions of Americans from all walks of life. Now we know that the drug companies that make these drugs used aggressive marketing and questionable research to convince us that these drugs were not addictive and could be safely used for even minor aches and pains. And once again, Americans are turning to our civil justice system to hold these companies accountable and make them pay for the damage caused by their dangerous products.

The Opioid Crisis:
America Fights Back!

Pills Money

The use and abuse of prescription painkillers has reached record levels in the United States. Another record? Pharmaceutical company profits. As the death toll from opioid overdose rises, so do Big Pharma earnings. Americans are joining forces to take action by hitting these companies where it hurts – with lawsuits that could force enormous payouts and jump-start a nationwide change in how we prescribe and regulate opioid painkillers.



Opioid overdoses killed 2,221 people in New Jersey in 2016, up 40 percent from the year before.


Susan’s Brain on Opioids

This animated video explains the science behind opioid addiction and why it can be so difficult to stop taking painkillers.



Dr. David Johnston, a board-certified emergency room doctor, speaks out about America’s love affair with  prescription drugs.

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