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January 2017

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3 Ways Social Media Post Can Sabotage Your Injury Case

More than half (56 percent) of Americans have a profile on a social networking site, a trend that is expected to continue upwards. About one-fifth of people in the U.S. use social networking sites several times a day, and that number continues to climb as mobile devices grow even more popular. While social networking sites have many benefits and connect you to people in new ways, they also can have a major negative impact on your personal injury claim—if used incorrectly. Posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets can be dangerous in the following ways:Disclosing confidential

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Oversharing Online Can Cost
You Your Job ... and More

For better or worse, social networks give us a platform to share literally everything on the Internet.

In today’s ever-connected, oversharing world, you should know the risks to your job, health and family from ill-advised online behavior.



The average user spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook’s apps (Facebook, Instagram and Messenger), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Can your social media tank your dream job?

Thirty-five percent of employers are less likely to interview a job candidate if he or she doesn’t have an online presence. Here are some tips on recruiter-friendly social media.



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